Market Analysis

Whether you're seeking new customers or reaching out to existing customers, your marketing doesn't have to be a one size fits all. Marketplace Insights can help you send smarter, more efficient marketing - reducing your costs and providing better results.  It all starts with knowing what to send, when to send, and to whom to send.

  Market Share By Carrier Route

Looking to attract new customers? Leverage our market share by carrier route prospecting report to help identify those households determined to be the "Best Prospects". By comparing core carrier route demographic data with your existing customer segments, we can identify what carrier routes to target your direct mail marketing. Target prospects that are the neighbors of your best customers.

  • Find high-value customers on an extremely affordable budget
  • Mail small, affordable quantities each month
  • Spread your prospecting budget over multiple months, thereby avoiding the potential hit or miss associated with higher volume mailings
  • Annually measure market share gains and losses

  Existing Customer Segmentation & Modeling

Not all customers are equal when it comes to your marketing spend. Optimize your messaging and offers by understanding the behaviors of your customers and what influences them. Utilizing your Point of Sale data, we will leverage our proprietary regression model to dissect and group your existing customers into different tiers - identifying who you should market to directly and the type of marketing that will drive your desired outcome. The end result is a more efficient and effective marketing approach where your dollars are spent targeting the good customer, not a customer whose buying behavior isn't effected by the marketing messages received. Our segmentation modeling allows you to understand your customers by:   

  • Service type: 'Tire & Service', 'Service Only', 'Tire Only'
  • Buying Behavior: Major Service, Tire Related, Preventative Maintenance, LOF related, Tires and Tire Related, etc.
  • Average Monthly Spend
  • Gross Profit
  • Distribution of Customer Base or Total Dollar Sales


Understand consumer buying behavior and attitudes as it relates specifically to Tire and Auto Service purchases.  Topics covered:

  • What is important to buyers when choosing a retailer?
  • How do my store(s) rate on the most important attributes?
  • Are my advertising messages connecting with buyers?
  • How do consumers view my store versus the competition?
  • Can I adjust my marketing strategy to be more relevant?
  • Where does my business stand in terms of top of mind awareness?
  • What is my share of market?
  • How satisfied are my customers versus my competitors?
  • Ratings of retailers and brands on key attributes such as price, speed of service and personnel
  • How likely are my customers to return?
  • What specific actions can I take to improve and grow?
  • Track trends annually to validate your strategies.

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