Why MPI?

  Automotive Service, Dealership & Tire Retailer Industry Expertise

Our leadership has over 30 years experience in the car care and tire industry markets.

  Market Analysis

Our Market Analysis gives you the resources to retain your best customers and acquire new customers with similar traits.

  Custom Creative

Our creative is tailored to fit your business while adding advanced personalization to draw attention to your offers and your brand.

  Customer Segmentation & Modeling

Our analytic capabilities provide you with the important customer data to make intelligent decisions as to where to spend your advertising/marketing dollars.

  Learning Labs

Our comprehensive end-to-end reporting shows you what is working, allowing you to make informed decisions as to where to place your marketing dollars.

  Program Management

Not only do we design retention and acquisition programs focused on growing your business, but we also can provide the people, processes, and tools to manage and implement the programs for you.

  Proven Results

Marketplace Insights has been tested against the competition and we consistently deliver better results. With advanced analytics, creative tailored for your business, and our expert team with the capabilities to drive from strategy through execution, we will get you better results at a competitive, if not better, price point.